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Synagogue, Keszthely

The synagogue, located in the garden of the Pethő – Goldmark House was built on the spot of an earlier Jewish meeting house by Kristóf Festetics, based on the plans of Kristóf Hofstädter.

In the 1830's, Ruben Goldmark. the father of the famous composer Károly Goldmark was the rabbi of this synagogue.

Built originally in a Classicist style, the building was renovated in 1852 and expanded with an eclectic facade in 1894.

In front of the entrance, a black marble obelisk stands as a memorial for those perished in Auschwitz and also showing, that this was the location of one of the ghettos of Keszthely.

The building located in the inner city of Keszthely was renovated in 1995 and received a new paint job in 1997.

In the garden, there is a Biblical garden where we can get to know the plants described by the Bible and see a miniature of the Lake of Gennesaret. The garden was completed in 2003 and it is a unique sight Central-Europe.